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Originally from Poland, before UAE, she was travelling around the world, to find her place.

Anita has 8 years of experience, mixed HR and Talent Acquisition in Cyber Security Industry.

She completed a Master’s in Business Psychology, with the research of personality and self-effectiveness in an executive environment. In Talent Acquisition she has gained experience across Cyber Security, Customer Service, Sales Professionals at all levels.

Anita has experience in psychometric research for the companies in performance management and talent development. She started her career in EY Shared Services, and as a member of the Talent Team she learnt everything about HR operations. In Ecap Digital she can achieve her professional goal to connect people and companies and build an exceptional network and long-lasting relationships. Her main interests are around neuroscience and its impact for human’s brain abilities.

In the spare time, she loves to explore the world with her loved ones and check a bucket list in travelling and creating memories for life.

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